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Duse was the innovator of a technique she described as "the elimination of self". Akin to the ideas of nondualism and mindfulness, she said that her technique allowed her to internally connect with the character she was portraying and free her spirit from mind and ego, so that emotional expression could take over.

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Duse Studio

Duse Studio is named after the great Italian actress Eleonora Duse. Born in 1858 to a family of itinerant actors, Duse was fundamental to the birth of modern acting as we know it. Both Stanislavsky and Lee Strasberg cite her as an inspiration for their methods. ...So powerful was her acting that during her 1893 tour of the USA, the word 'doozy' became a part of the American vernacular!

Method Acting Class For Film in Los Angeles

Old School Training 

"She's the real deal!"  -SEAN PENN

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Shelley Mitchell has been teaching acting for 25+ years. She is best known as an actress for her stage performance of Talking with Angels: Budapest 1943, which was featured at the 2015 Edinburgh Festival.

​​• Scene Study
• Script Analysis

• Sense Memory

• Dramatic Improv

• Meisner Repetition
• Comedy Method Acting

• How to sound unscripted

• How to make powerful choices

• How to be learning 24/7

• Personal Balance and Wellness

Private Coaching
• Audition and Reel Prep

• On-set coach
• Monthly Mentoring Intensive

​• Business Presentations and Media

Shelley Mitchell


​​​Our goal is to demystify Method Acting and connect people to the originating impulse behind it.

Dear Shelley, Last spring you gave me a training, both method and spiritual, for my first lead role in a feature film. From the bottom of my heart I must tell you how that intensive training helped me on my journey through ‘Verona’. I am and will forever be so very grateful to you for this.  -CHRISTINE AHANOTU

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