Duse Studio

...does it seem to you that it is possible
to speak of art?
It would be the same as explaining love!
-Eleonora Duse

Weekly Classes- Wednesdays @ 7pm
Private Coaching

Shelley Mitchell's class will help you:
sound unscripted
• see the universal in the personal
• develop your acting muscle - train for dramatic roles
Script Analysis Scene Work Cold Reading
Dramatic Improv Comedy Method Acting

She's the real deal! -SEAN PENN

Shelley's work is very definite, very sound, very detailed...

...Shelley Mitchell was always fascinating to watch. In
fact, as I recall, she was one of Lee Strasberg's favorites,
if not
the favorite.- HARVEY KEITEL

Duse Studio of Dramatic Art at The Complex
6472 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles (424)209-9822

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Shelley Mitchell's 'Method' Acting Classes for Film and Theater

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