​Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Tony award winner

Even though I have taken several scene study classes and read several books, the concept of fighting for what you want and making bold, jugular decisions FINALLY came to life. The light bulb turned on! The criticism of my acting has always been to make more interesting choices that were less literal. Shelley, you showed me in one exercise how to take the "training wheels" off. Now I feel I can better tap into my own personal energy and power as an actor. I feel complete confidence in my personal substance and ability to create great acting. To date, I haven't been able to find that "place" before. I cannot impress upon you enough how much admiration I have for your teaching ability and ambition to push your students.

Dear Shelley,  With you as my guide, I found my artist's path but even more importantly, the courage to walk it. Your insight, devotion and talent has been a source of inspiration to me. You truly care about your students and prepare them for the realities of the art form and what it's going to demand of you. That truth has grounded me, been a beckon of light to hold on to and helped me share what I feel inside.

I am forever grateful.

of Dramatic Art

"Shelley Mitchell's portrayal of all these characters

and angels, three-dimensional and whole, amazed  me!" 

                                -EAMONN WALKER

Old School Training in Hollywood​

An actor is at most a poet and at least an entertainer.  

                                    - Marlon Brando

"Behind every great actor there's almost always a great teacher. If you are eager to develop your skills

as an actor, Shelley Mitchell's class is a must!"   

                        -RITA MORENO​

I just wanted to express my gratitude for all you've taught me. I feel like you really have helped me to get a lot of my garbage off so I could see and be seen clearly. I am deeply thankful to have you as a teacher.

with Shelley Mitchell 

My sessions with you in January/February lead to a huge breakthrough in my personal life and so many positive changes followed…I developed a new level of confidence and self acceptance, my work relationships dramatically improved, my friendships improved, I traveled, explored new hobbies, met my current boyfriend, and finally made the decision move to Colorado to start my own business! 2014 has been an amazing year for me and I'm so grateful for the tools you gave me to make it great. Thank you Shelley :)

Shelley is amazing!  She is a miracle-maker! I signed up for her class despite having no theatrical background (I work in technology and science) more out of personal curiosity than anything else. It wasn’t easy, but after two years I came out of her class as a completely transformed individual. Never before have I been so aware of myself, and the people around me, and the glorious nature of art! I’ve integrated lessons Shelley taught me into both my personal and professional life. I realized that I have  a deep rooted need to share myself with other people on a stage, or before a camera. I’ve pursued that need using my new found sense of self-awareness, and have begun to encounter success in the show-business industry. Though I’m still a technology professional, I am also currently a co-host for a show to be aired on the History Channel. In short, Shelley’s classes work! Take a risk and sign up for her class.  -LEONARD APELSIN, Ph. D.

Dear Shelley, Last spring you gave me a training, both method and spiritual, for my first lead role in a feature film. From the bottom of my heart I must tell you how that intensive training helped me on my journey through ‘Verona’. I am and will forever be so very grateful to you for this.  -CHRISTINE AHANOTU

In addition to the excellent acting coaching I am receiving from Shelley, as a result of the whole process, I have noticed a change in my personal and business life. The only way I can put it is that I have become braver, so I am risking and doing and accomplishing more. Thank you.    


You can learn more in one of Shelley's classes about improving yourself as an actor than you can in a year with ACT or UC Berkeley classes. There is a level of honesty and trust in her class which literally takes your breath away. Combine this with Shelley's extremely accomplished, astute and always constructive skill as an acting teacher and you get, in my opinion, the best acting class in the Bay Area.


I went to Shelley's class to learn how to act, I also learned to be more of who I am.

A theatrical school must clear the way for the creative   potentialities of the student; but he or she must proceed along this road by herself; she cannot be taught. The school must remove all the conventional rubbish which prevents the spontaneous manifestation of the student’s deeply hidden potentialities.  -EUGENE VAKHTANGOV, 1895 

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