of Dramatic Art

Q. How long is the class and how many people are in it?
A. Three hours and there's a limit of 16.
Q. Can I audit a class?
A. Yes, please call or email and let us know when you'd like to attend.

Details for auditing are here.

Q. I'm not an actor, however my therapist suggested I take an
acting class. What should I expect if I enroll in this class?
A. Dramatic acting instructs us all through pathos and paideia.
Read this NY Times article by Jonathan Franzen; if it resonates with you then

this class might be a good fit.
Q. What should I expect to get out of an 8 week course?
A. You will learn to focus your mind. You will discern the difference between sounding scripted and unscripted.

This class will quicken your mind and help you look deeply into yourself. If you are a complete beginner  you will acquire a working vocabulary, learn basic acting skills and be able to observe and collaborate with professional working actors. 
Q. Do you work with beginners and non-actors?
A. Yes, beginners and non-actors are welcome, however this class is oriented toward professional performers.  -More info about Acting for non-actors and Presentation Consulting for business professionals can be found... here.
Q. I'm on a budget and can't decide between going to acting class or attending Casting Director workshops?

A. We think that casting director workshops and most pay-to-play arrangements are part of the #MeToo culture that permeates the entertainment industry. Check out  www.DoNotPay.org and the video below.

Q. Do you have visas for international students?
A. No, this is boutique acting school so we're not in a position to offer visas.
Q. How do I know that Method Acting is the right technique for me?
A. Acting is like rapping; there is no technique. There is talent... and rehearsal.

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When you stand on the stage you must have a sense that you are addressing the whole

 world, and that what you say is so important the whole world must listen.   -Stella Adler

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