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Q. How long is the class and how many people are in it?
A. Three hours and there's a limit of 16.

Q. Can I audit a class?
A. Yes, please call or email and let us know when you'd like to attend.

Details for auditing are here.

Q. I'm not an actor, however my therapist suggested I take an
acting class. What should I expect if I enroll in this class?
A. Dramatic acting instructs us all through pathos and paideia.
Read this NY Times article by Jonathan Franzen; if it resonates with you then this class might be a good fit.

Q. What should I expect to get out of an 8 week course?
A. If you're a professional actor this class will up your game and support you in your work.

It will quicken your mind and unpack your soul. If you are a complete beginner  you will acquire a working vocabulary, learn basic acting skills and be in the room with professional working actors. 

Q. Do you work with beginners and non-actors?
A. Yes, beginners and non-actors are welcome, however this class is oriented toward professional performers.  -More info about  Method Acting and Presentation Consulting for business professionals can be found... here.

Q. Should I take an acting class or go to Casting Director workshops?

A. I suggest you take a look at www.DoNotPay.org and decide for yourself.

Q. Do you have visas for international students?
A. No, this is boutique acting school, we don't have visas.

Q. How do I know that Method Acting is the right technique for me?
A.  Acting is like rapping.  There is no technique; there is talent... and rehearsal.

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with Shelley Mitchell 

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When you stand on the stage you must have a sense that you are addressing the whole

 world, and that what you say is so important the whole world must listen.   -Stella Adler