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of Dramatic Art

Check out this RSA youtube by Professor Renata Salecl.  -If after seeing it you're interested in looking more deeply into yourself, private coaching sessions might be just the right thing to help you make positive, meaningful and lasting change.

Private Session Fee
(sliding scale)
$150 - $80.......60 minutes

Private Coaching

Private coaching sessions help actors speed up the script analysis process, find meaningful substitutions and bring their 'A' game to auditions.  

There is an ease and openness that comes from a high level of comfort with uncertainty; a centeredness in one's essential self.   -Shelley is masterful at tapping into her client's talent bringing their complexity and depth to the fore.  She is a certified  TFH Applied Kinesiology  practitioner and uses tapping and law of attraction in her private sessions to help actors and non-actors to clarify their goals, and move forward with their dreams.

"Let's find a way to freeze-dry the applied kinesiology and sell it on the Internet ... I kept the relaxed balanced state with voice half octave lower for about three hours after our appointment. Don't know how it works, don't care. --I look forward to doing the same in December. If it's possible to stay that way, I'm all for learning how. Great to see you!   All the best," -Tom Cokenias

  • Audition Prep
  • Reel Development
  • Media Coaching
  • Self-Actualization

Life will do everything to destroy your soul, art will remind you that you have one.   -Stella Adler

Private Coaching For Actors in Los Angeles

"My private sessions with you in January/February lead to a huge breakthrough in my personal life and so many positive changes followed…I developed a new level of confidence and self acceptance, my work relationships dramatically improved, my friendships improved, I traveled, explored new hobbies, met my current boyfriend, and finally made the decision move to Colorado to start my own business! 2014 has been an amazing year for me and I'm so grateful for the tools you gave me to make it great. Thank you Shelley :)"  Ariana R., designer at The North Face