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Acting Classes with Shelley Mitchell
Wednesdays at 3pm or 7pm, @The Complex Hollywood

Scene Study Sense Memory Script Analysis
Comedy Method Acting Demystify the Method!

Private Coaching
• Audition Prep • On-set coach Mentoring Intensive

"She's the real deal!" -SEAN PENN

"Behind every great actor there's almost always a great teacher. if you are eager to develop your skills as an actor, Shelley Mitchell's class is a must!" -RITA MORENO

"I met Shelley when we were both studying with Strasberg in NYC in the 70s. Her talent was a magnet that drew everyone's attention. In fact, as I recall, she was one of Strasberg's favorites, if not the favorite." -HARVEY KEITEL

"Shelley's work is very definite, very sound,
very detailed." -LEE STRASBERG

A Boutique Acting Class
Experience serious training with Shelley Mitchell in a non-dualistic atmosphere, free from commercial or academic constraints. -This class is a salon where actors, directors and writers push their edge, speak from their authentic self, recognize the universal in the personal and navigate the ups and downs of the entertainment industry.


  Click here to listen to the Sean Penn masterclass.

CODA with Rebecca Forsythe and Mojean Aria. On-set coaching courtesy of Shelley Mitchell



Shelley Mitchell's 'Method' Acting Classes for Film and Theater

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