"Acting is a female art form."
-Dustin Hoffman

Shelley Mitchell was artistic director of The Actors Center of San Francisco where she taught Bay Area actors for over 20 years. In June, 2013 she moved to Los Angeles and founded Duse Studio of Dramat Art.

As an actress she is best known for her critically acclaimed performance of TALKING WITH ANGELS: Budapest 1943. 

“…a portrayal with such leisurely, lifelike timing,...Mitchell transforms into something between a dancer and a shaman. ..Its excruciating beauty derives from its simplicity and purity." LA Weekly

“Mitchell switches seamlessly between the aged Mallasz and the grace of the seraphs, her consummate skill as a performer illuminates this thoughtful combination of human bravery and the divine.” Irish Theater Magazine

Shelley Mitchell trained with Lee Strasberg in New York during the 1970s both in his private classes and at The Actors Studio. She is also a graduate of the Circle in the Square Theater School and New York University. (more)

Shelley Mitchell began teaching in Venice, Italy where she lived throughout the 1980s. Surprised by extremely positive and life-changing effect her class was having on both actors and non-actors, Shelley has continued teaching and helping others to search within and reach their full potential both as artists and human beings.

Shelley Mitchell has taught and performed at:
The California Institute of Integral Studies
Esalen Institute
Ca' Foscari- Venice, Italy
The Carl Jung Institutes of San Francisco and Chicago
The Institute of Noetic Science
The Mythic Journey Conference, Atlanta
The Magic Theater, San Francisco
A Traveling Jewish Theater, San Francisco
Exit Theater, San Francisco
Manhattan Theater Club, NYC
Milagro Theater, NYC
Julia Morgan Theater, Berkeley
The Dublin Fringe Theatre Festival

Shelley Mitchell is also a corporate consultant specilizing in TEDtalk presentations and leadership coaching.
Her clients include:
The North Face
Union Bank

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