Life will do everything to destroy your soul,
art will remind you that you have one. -Stella Adler


updated March 21, 2015


• Day and evening classes in Hollywood, Wednesdays at 3pm or 7pm
• Private Coaching
• Monthly Mentoring
• Private Coaching in San Francisco April 9-10!

Email or call (424) 209-9822

CLASS schedule
@ The Complex Theater, 6472 Santa Monica Blvd, LA, 90038
-upstairs in the Villa studio.

Mon Tu Wed Thu Fr Sat Sun
Scene Study Class
Scene Study Class


Tuition fees:
8 Week Class ..................... $485
Private Coaching ................ $150/hour/sliding scale($80/hr for current students)
Monthly Mentoring Intensive $500 Monthly Mentoring includes one group class and one private session each week.

Acting Class with Shelley Mitchell

Weekly Classes
In Los Angeles @ The Complex Hollywood
WEDNESDAYS @ 3pm and 7pm

• Scene Study
• Sense Memory
• Script Analysis
• Demystify The Method

"My sessions with you in January/February lead to a huge breakthrough in my personal life and so many positive changes followed…I developed a new level of confidence and self acceptance, my work relationships dramatically improved, my friendships improved, I traveled, explored new hobbies, met my current boyfriend, and finally made the decision move to Colorado to start my own business! 2014 has been an amazing year for me and I'm so grateful for the tools you gave me to make it great. Thank you Shelley :)"

Private Coaching
• Audition Prep. (for taped or in-person auditions)
• Balance Work/Life pressures with Applied Kinesiology

• Sound unscripted.
• Nail auditions.
• Learn to be private in public.
• Script Analysis

"Let's find a way to freeze-dry the applied kinesiology and sell it on the Internet ...
I kept the relaxed balanced state with voice half octave lower for about
three hours after our appointment. Don't know how it works, don't care.
I look forward to doing the same in December. If it's possible to stay
that way, I'm all for learning how. Great to see you!
All the best,"
-Tom Cokenias

Monthly Mentoring
• One group class and one private session weekly.
• Unlimited support for auditions.

"Shelley is amazing! She is a miracle-maker! I signed up for her class
despite having no theatrical background (I work in technology and science) ,
more out of personal curiosity than anything else. It wasn’t easy, but
after two years I came out of her class as a completely transformed
individual. Never before have been so aware of myself, and the people
around me, and the glorious nature of art! I’ve integrated lessons
Shelley taught me into both my personal and professional life. I realized
that I have deep rooted need to share myself with other people on a
stage, or before a camera. I’ve pursued that need using my new found
sense of self-awareness, and have begun to encounter success in the
show-business industry. Though I’m still a technology professional,
I am also currently a co-host for a show to be aired on the History Channel.
In short, Shelley’s classes work! Take a risk and sign up for her class."

-Leonard Apelsin

15 free things to do
Here are some of the artists, books, films and current events that have inspired me and shape my work. SM

1. Touched by Duse
2. Read chapters 1 & 2 of Respect for Acting by Ute Hagen.

3. Read The Art of Acting by Stella Adler.
4. Watch 'Inside the Actors Studio' on BRAVO! TV.
5. Listen to Sherry Turkel talk about technology and emotions
6. Click here to listen to Alec Baldwin on Fresh Air!
7. Watch 'Looking for Richard' by Al Pacino
8. the Soul of the American
9. James Grissom blog - Interviews with Great Actors
10. Watch 'Searching for Debra Winger' by Rosanna Arquette
11. Watch 'Esther Kahn' with Summer Phoenix
12. Read TRUTH by Susan Batson (Shelley Mitchell is recommended by Susan!)
13. Listen to Susan Batson here on NPR
or here on On Point
14. Watch Jill Bolte Taylor and read her book My Stroke of Insight
15. Watch Jaron Lanier and read his book You Are Not A Gadget

Check out our reading and youtube list here-

Class Policies
- Classes are ongoing throughout the year which means you can
sign up for your eight week session at any time.
- If Shelley has performance obligations, class will be rescheduled.
- Enrollment is on a first come first serve basis.
- New students have eight weeks to complete the their classes.
- Class size is limited to 16
- Everyone must observe one class or have an interview before enrolling.
Call or email for info or an appointment to audit.
Class is three hours, please plan to stay for the entire period.
- Keeping the class safe, dynamic, cutting-edge and professional is of primary
importance to everyone. Inappropriate, destructive or sexually harassing
behavior will not be tolerated and will result in immediate dismissal.
- No refunds.
- Missed classes can be made up. Two missed classes = one private session.




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