The scariest enemy is within, allowing yourself to conform to what is expected of you. -Johnny Depp

Shelley's work is very definite, very sound, very detailed... -LEE STRASBERG

A spiritual-political project [much like] Kushner envisioned for his masterpiece Angels in America, Shelley Mitchell’s performance is passionately mystical yet remarkably lucid. She brings these characters to life with consummate craft. (more) SF Bay Guardian 2004

A flawless performance, Mitchell is an amazing talent!
(more) SF Examiner 2004

"Shelley Mitchell's portrayal of all thee characters and angels, three-dimensional and whole, amazed me!" Eamonn Walker, LORD OF WAR, OZ, DUMA

Shelley Mitchell's portrait of Mallasz is a tour de force! (more) SF Weekly

Dear Shelley,
With you as my guide, I found my artist's path but even more importantly, the courage to walk it. Your insight, devotion and talent has been a source of
inspiration to me. You truly care about your studentand prepare them for the realities of the art form and what it's going to demand of you. That truth has grounded me, been a beckon of light to hold on to and helped me share what I feel inside. I am forever grateful. Truly- Jason Foster, RENT

Shelley Mitchell es una mujer prodigiosa, con este tema tan apropiado sobretodo en la época difícil en que vivimos, ella deleita con una historia increíble de salvación, bondad y divinidad. (more) SF Tribune

Talking with Angels speaks of life, death and faith through a talented actor who deftly brings alive a remarkable figure.(more) SF Gate

What an experience! The story of human potential, human faith, and human interconnectedness... Shelley Mitchell was born to play this part. GEORGE ZIMMER, CEO Men's Wearhouse

Shelley, someone once told me 'Do what U want-the rest is bullshit.' So that's the plan. I never in my most left-field-dreams would've imagined a life as firey and exciting as the one I'm living now. Thanx for all the truth. Thanx for all your trade-mark bluntness. Thanx 4 teaching me about the present moment. About "self-criticism" on a par with the Chinese cultural revolution. I keep unfolding and in the back of my head, I think back to the fall of 2000 when U 1st told me over the phone that U were "gonna find my limit" and that's where we would werkk. That's the torch 4 me to hold onto. Challenges are what keep me young. Acting is not Acting. Acting is Always Forever Now. Thanx


Dear Shelley...your class taught me that acting is largely a matter of not hiding what is genuinely felt. Letting the audience see my private face. I just need to be willing to reveal what's actually there for me instead of trying to cover it up with socially acceptable, politically correct, conventional masks.

Shelley Mitchell gives a virtuoso performance of a remarkable story...-

Shelley's class is like having a little corner of New York right here in San Francisco. It is world class acting training. I had the privilege of visiting the Actors Studio in NYC after training with Shelley and was amazed to find that I fit right in with the conversation.... I recommend it to anyone who is serious about acting and wants to understand the craft. -ADAM VENKER, actor

Shelley Mitchell's one-woman play Talking with Angels is a powerful and moving experience... relevant, soul-stirring, and thought provoking. JEAN SHINODA BOLEN, MD., JUNGIAN ANALYST AND AUTHOR

Even though I have taken several scene study classes and read several books, the concept of fighting for what you want and making bold, jugular decisions FINALLY came to life. The light bulb turned on! The criticism of my acting has always been to make more interesting choices that were less literal. You showed me in one exercise how to take the "training wheels" off. Now I feel I can better tap into my own personal energy and power as an actor. I feel complete confidence in my personal substance and ability to create great acting. To date, I haven't been able to find that "place" before. I cannot impress upon you enough how much admiration I have for your teaching ability and ambition to push your students.

Extraordinary light emerges from the dark in Shelley Mitchell's brilliantly realized production of Talking with Angels; the astonishing true story of revelation and redemption in the midst of the Holocaust.

I just wanted to express my gratitude for all you've taught me. I feel like you really have helped me to get a lot of my garbage off so I could see and be seen clearly. I am deeply thankful to have you as a teacher.

I went to Shelley's class to learn how to act,I also learned to be more of who I am.

In addition to the excellent acting coaching I am receiving from Shelley, as a result of the whole process, I have noticed a change in my personal and business life. The only way I can put it is that I have become braver, so I am risking and doing and accomplishing more. Thank you.GERALD COX

An actor is a guy who, if you ain't talking about him, he ain't listening.

You can learn more in one of Shelley's classes about improving yourself as an actor than you can in a year with ACT or Berkeley classes. There is a level of honesty and trust in her class which literally takes your breath away. Combine this with Shelley's extremely accomplished, astute and always contsructive skill as an acting teacher and you get, in my opinion, the best acting class in the bay area. JOHN GILLIGAN, SOFTWARE ENGINER, ACTOR

H.K.: ... nine out of 10 Hollywood directors do not know how to rehearse. And most actors do not know how to rehearse. The rehearsal process is a very important part of the creation. And it will do directors and actors a lot of good to study the craft to learn how to rehearse. To learn how to do their homework. To learn what to do as homework.
TR: Specifically, how does one rehearse?
HK: ... Well I cannot teach a class here now on acting. ...They have to immerse themselves into it. I can tell you that if you do not take the training that a Marine takes, and you are thrown into the jungle, you're probably going to die. If you do not take the training an actor needs to take when you are put into that human jungle of cement and palm trees, you are going to die. You need your craft to support you, to guide you, to sustain you. I can only advise your directors to study acting. And your actors to study acting.

Isn't it strange that we spend most of our time learnintg to do what they put people in asylums for. JANE FONDA

If you want to be an actor you're going to have to ask yourself a lot of questions that you don't necessariloy want to hear the answer to.

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best night and day to make you like everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle that any human being can fight and to never stop fighting. E.E. Cummings

A theatrical school must clear the way for the creative potentialities of the student; but he or she must proceed along this road by herself; she cannot be taught. The school must remove all the conventional rubbish which prevents the spontaneous manifestation of the student’s deeply hidden potentialities. EUGENE VAKHTANGOV, 1895

Acting is a female art form. DUSTIN HOFFMAN

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