When you stand on the stage you must have a sense that you are addressing the whole world, and that what you say is so important the whole world must listen. -Stella Adler

Q. I want to be a professional actor and plan to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in indie films. Can these classes help me get ready?
A. Yes, that's exactly what we do.

Q. I'm 27, and a complete beginner. I've always wanted to act but my parents were against it so I went to law school. Do you work with people like me?
A. Yes, this class is perfect for serious beginners. Check out this TED video of Jill Bolte-Taylor. If it speaks to you then so will this class.

Q. What should I expect to get out of an 8 week course?
A. If you are a complete beginner you will acquire a working vocabulary and understanding of what the art of dramatic acting is about. If you're already a working actor this class will quicken your mind and unpack your soul.

Q. I have a background in science and engineering yet have always loved films. I'm not sure if I'm an actor but I'd like to try. I would also like help with public speaking and leadership because I have many presentations to give to my colleagues throughout the year.
A. Jaron Lanier's YOU ARE NOT A GADGET is a great read for someone like you. If you're interested in what he has to say then this class might be a perfect fit. -More info about my Communication Consultant work for technical experts and business professionals can be found... here.

Q. I am in my senior year of high school. Do you let teens into your class?
A. You are welcome to audit a class and if it's appropriate then yes, you can enroll with your parent's consent.

Q. I want a career in show business. How do I get started?
A. Please go to the following web site for help with that: www.smartg.com

Q. Are these classes for film or theater.
A. Both.

Q. I'm not an actor but my therapist suggested I take an acting class. What should I expect if I enroll in this class?
A. Dramatic acting teaches through pathos and paideia. Read this NY Times article by Jonathan Franz: if it resonates, then this might just be the place for you.

Q. Do you have visas for international students?
A. No, this is boutique acting school, we don't have visas.

Q. How do I know that Method Acting is the right technique for me?
A. There is no method! Great acting comes from the gut. The polemic around Stanislavsky, The Actors Studio and the Method started in the 1950s and is still going on. IMHO the war is over. If you'd like to know who won watch My Week with Marilyn starring Michelle Williams and then see The Prince and the Showgirl (the film upon which My Week with Marilyn is based).

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