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Old School Training in Hollywood​

of Dramatic Art

Duse Studio of Dramatic Art

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This three hour class is divided into two parts.  The first part is dedicated to concentration, emotional expression and charisma. The second half focuses on scene study and scripted material. ​

 Duse Studio Student Project

Does it seem to you that it is possible to speak of art?  It would be the same as trying to explain love.     - Eleonora Duse

Class Schedule


@ The Complex Hollywood

6472 Santa Monica Blvd.

Los Angeles, 90038

​(in the M.C. Studio)

with Shelley Mitchell 

Casting Director Workshops

We encourage actors to become informed about the nature of casting director workshops in LA.  Go to www.DoNotPay.org for detailed information and real opportunities to meet 'A' list casting directors without paying for it. 

Shelley's Travel Schedule


San Francisco

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Acting Class with Shelley Mitchell

Classes with

Shelley Mitchell

Payment Options

4 classes.....................$200
8 classes +1 private....$485

Private Coaching .......$150($80 sliding scale for active students)

Monthly Mentoring......$500

(4 private sessions + 4 classes)

Class Audit $25

You'll learn how health, socio-economic status, culture and love drive a character, a scene and a story.  In the age of media overload, you'll learn to discern where and how to focus your attention in order to create characters that keep your audience (and casting directors) on the edge of their seat.

A high priority is put on actors sounding unscripted, seeing the universal in the personal and finding their own solid technique for script analysis.  Method Acting means connecting with our humanity, our curiosity and being centered in our own true essence.